Frequently Asked Questions

How can I purchase the OG NFT?

What is the mint price?

How long does my OG Social Club NFT last?

Will there be a public mint as well along with the whitelist?

Is there a limit to how many can be bought?

Will there be an airdrop for the OG NFT?

Are gas fees included in the mint price?

Are all tokens from the same tier identical?

How will the hotel access work?

Would there be rarity or only three tiers?

Will there be a random component and a reveal during minting?

What blockchain are these minted on?

Will there be royalties on the resell?

Will there be artwork associated with the NFT?

Does it make sense to own more than one OG NFT?

Will there be a holder chat after minting?

Will the in person physical access to quarterly group guest chat be free with all expenses taken by the team or some conditions applied?

Will you retain any NFTs?

Do you plan on becoming more global?

Are the NFTs available globally?

Is this token different from Radioshack's and Atlas USV?

Can I resell my OG NFT?

How can I buy ETH?

Can I buy the OG NFT with dollars?

Which wallet should I use?

How can I see the NFT in my wallet?

I missed the minting, can I still purchase an OG NFT?

What is OpenSea?

What is gas?

What is high/low gas?

What is a Whitelist?

How do I get Whitelisted

What are the benefits of being Whitelisted

How to protect yourself and stay secure

Discord Security

How To Enable 2FA On Discord - Setup 2FA on Mobile & PC

OpenSea Security

What is an NFT?

What is a project?

What is a Blockchain?

How do I buy one?

How do I Mint an NFT?

How do I buy an NFT on a Secondary Market?

How do I sell one?

What is Ethereum?

How do I buy Ethereum?

What is Metamask?

How do I set up my wallet